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Sep 25, 2012· By C. Michael Forsyth GENEVA -- A defecting Russian scientist has surfaced with a mind-bending account of what REALLY occurred when he and his colleagues went missing for five days in a mysterious lake 12,366 feet beneath the Antarctic ice. Dr. Anton Padalka told authorities in Switzerland that the researchers discovered a bizarre and deadly

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Nov 06, 2019· The Russian Arctic is warming, but the Kremlin''s dreams for the region remain in the deep freeze.Since planting its flag on the seafloor at the North Pole in 2007, Moscow has reinforced its territorial claims in the Arctic by increasing its military presence and bolstering its icebreaker fleet.

Russia''s Arctic Development: Problems and Priorities

Jan 12, 2018· What climate change and arctic development means for Russia, the environment, and the international community. The Arctic region is a vast area whose economic potential, through climate change and advanced technology, is becoming accessible for the first time in history. This potential includes hydrocarbon resources as well as shipping lines, fishing rights, and metal deposits.

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of the Russian Arctic began as early as in the 1930s. At that time, no other Arctic nation was engaged in hydrocarbon exploration in this region. In the years before World War II and during the war, Soviet geologists contributed greatly to the development and prognosis of oil and gas resources in the Arctic territories of the Soviet Union.

UArctic - The launch of “Russian Strategies in the Arctic

The report Russian Strategies in the Arctic: Avoiding a New Cold War was launched and distributed in October 22, 2014 on the sidelines of the 11th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in that is underway in Sochi. It is written by Prof. Lassi Heininen frrom University of Lapland, Finland, Prof. Alexander Sergunin from St. Petersburg State University, Russia and Associate

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A memo from the federal Ministry of Natural Resource, made available by news site PortNews, shows that more than half of Russian Arctic shipments in year 2025 might come from VostokCoal.

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Energy resources are materials that can be burned to produces energy that can used to run machines or make heat or electricity. ex: oil, coal, natural gas, peat. Mineral resources are materials that can be used a raw materials to make other things. ex: iron, aluminum, copper

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Arctic territory makes up in the range of 25% of the Russian landmass, holds a disproportionately large part of the country''s natural resources, and was strategically important during the Cold War, when the Arctic space represented the closest point between the U.S. and the USSR.

Russia’s Evolving Arctic Capabilities

A Russian Northern Fleet warship transits Arctic waters with icebreaker escort in 2013. (RT) Russian will continue to build new facilities in the future. A large year-round airbase is being built on the New Siberian Islands Archipelago, which will enable the deployment of Tu-95MS and Tu-160 boer and the stealth PAK DA boer in the future. A